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Readiness plan-evaluation

Determine when the last preventive maintenance was performed


If the system was shut down during the Covid-19 quarantine, evaluate what was missed on maintenance. 


Provide full inspection on all air handling units, fan coil units, and AC units including:

  • Dampers 

  • Filters 

  • Heating/Cooling Coils

  • Humidifier

  • Fan, sheaves, and belts 

  • Duct


Review latest checklists/logs/report, list findings, and provide recommendations Including:

  • BMS/BAS logs

  • Testing and Balancing report

  • Commissioning/start-up reports 

  • Temperature/humidity reports 

  • Air Exchange logs/report

  • Maintenance logbooks for any outstanding equipment issues

  • Bathroom exhaust fan operating hours 

  • Night setback and weekend hours 


Identify emergency procedure, including a fire alarm system, and any emergency evacuation plan  


Locate and inspect all air intake plenums and exhaust vents

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