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Contaminated bacteria and viruses can travel throughout the world in several ways. The coronavirus, tuberculosis, influenza, the common cold, and other infectious diseases spread through the air, or the airborne route. With the use of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, these pathogens can either be spread or used in the right way. controlling it.


With the proper installation and use of UV lights and air filtration in HVAC systems, air quality will increase including the prevention and killing of bacteria and viruses.

"Your HVAC system can provide biological growth the perfect opportunity to form and grow. There are three things needed to support biological growth. Food is the number one source of supporting biological growth. One example of food sources is skin cells that have flaked off and floated into the HVAC system. The next item to support organic growth is moisture. Once those skin cells made it through the system, they can become attached to the evaporator coil or blower motor. When the coil starts to produce condensation along with the food source, it becomes the perfect recipe for biological growth. The final item to contribute to organic growth is the absence of ultraviolet light. HVAC professionals and homeowners who manage these factors, reduce the risk of biological growth." 


Solutions We Have To Help

We are using the same UV technology that is currently in use by hospitals and schools implemented by the government during the SARS pandemic.

  • Installing UV air purifiers are designed to use ultraviolet light to help kill mold, bacteria, and viruses.

  • The UV technology is installed on the coils of your HVAC unit and Air Handlers to disinfect as air passes through ductwork.

  • An enhancement for eliminating germs and viruses, the air will be kept clean increase your HVAC system’s efficiency.

  • We install the best products for you, as we have a variety of different equipment such as rooftop units, split systems, and PTAC units.


Direct exposure to UV-C used in HVAC systems is hazardous, particularly to the skin and eyes. Eye damage can be considerable and sometimes permanent, so careful handling and installation by a qualified technician is an absolute must. A qualified professional will take the proper precautions during installation, to ensure that no UV-C light ever reaches an occupant’s eyes. 

CONTACT NOW!!! Install  UV Lights ASAP, as they will soon be hard to find due to high demand.

For more on evaluating virus containment efficiency of air-handling systems check out these ASHRAE Articles:

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